Athletes’ Journey is committed to offer goods & services of outstanding quality and tour descriptions of highest accuracy. Athletes’ Journey reserves the right to amend tour packages as may become necessary in situations that are beyond its control, such as third-party amendments, currency fluctuations, increments in taxes and fuel surcharge, or others. In such cases Athletes’ Journey will provide its clients with immediate updates on individual package components, itineraries, etc. Published and promotional package prices and verbal quotes are of indicative nature. Definite tour fares, goods and services provided are subject to written confirmation by Athletes’ Journey.

2) Reservation and Booking

Booking of a tour package is constituted by payment of a deposit of Sin$600 to Sin$1000/runner (depending on the respective event) of the quoted total fare. By paying a deposit the client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein. 

The deposits for some tours will be higher, and will be advised at the time of booking.


Payments may be made by PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or cheque. Credit card fees and bank charges are to be paid for by the client. Receipt of full payment is required by the deadline stipulated in the customized quote and invoice. Receipt of a cheque or crediting of a bank transfer determines the date of payment. Late or incomplete payments may incur additional fees or result in the cancellation of booking under the conditions set forth in section 4.

4) Cancellations

Cancellations of booking must be received and confirmed in writing (email). All payments are refundable, subject to S$100 administration fee, based on the timeline of the respective events/races. There is no refund 4 months (and/or the date stated in the booking offer), prior to the event date. 

Cancellation policy may vary for customized tour packages that deviate from the standard package, such as personalized flight schedules and others. Exceptions to the cancellation policy are at the sole discretion of Athletes’ Journey LLP.


It is the client’s responsibility to arrange an adequate travel, medical & personal accident insurance coverage for the entire duration of travel. Please consider purchasing travel insurance to insure against the insolvency of the travel agency. If you would like to know the list of insurers who are able to provide that aspect of insurance, you can go to the Singapore Tourism Board website for the information: https://stb.gov.sg/industries/travel-agents/Documents/TInsurers.pdf.  Athletes’ Journey reserves the right to request from its clients corresponding insurance documentation at any time. Athletes’ Journey recommends travel insurance with cancelation coverage.

6) Travel Documents

It is the client’s sole responsibility to provide the necessary personal documents that are required for international travel. This includes an internationally recognized passport (valid for at least another six month after conclusion of the tour), as well as the necessary visas and/or re-entry permits where applicable. Athletes’ Journey will be happy to assist with visa applications. However, Athletes’ Journey is not responsible for the success of visa applications. Failure to produce valid personal travel documents may result in cancelation of the tour under the conditions set forth in section 4.


a) Athletes’ Journey acts as agent for the airlines, transport companies, hotels, race organizers and other principals of the tour packages and is not liable for changes made by suppliers but will render assistance where possible.

b) Athletes’ Journey accepts no responsibility for any injury, damage, accident, loss, delay or irregularities that may be caused to the person or property where such occur as a result of circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to mechanical breakdowns, strikes, action of third parties or foreign authorities, acts of God and natural disasters.

c) Athletes’ Journey accepts no responsibility for situations or expenses where a client is deported or refused entry by immigration authorities on the tour for whatever reasons, including improper travel documents, quarantine, custom regulations, improper behaviour and possession of unlawful items or irregularities that may cause harm/damage to person or property.

d) Athletes’ Journey accepts no responsibility for irregularities or delays that result out of a client’s failure to follow reasonable instructions by hosts and tour guides, including but not limited to compliance with proposed meeting times and venues. Furthermore, Athletes’ Journey accepts no responsibility for irregularities or delays that result out of wrong, erratic, or dishonest information provided by a client about him or herself or a particular situation.


Athletes’ Journey will at no point disclose or share client information to third parties other than those required for providing the goods and services of a specific tour package, such as the airline, the hotel, and the race organizer.