When we set off on an adventure it is basically exploring life in the great outdoors and beyond our ‘comfort zone’. It is an expedition where we will experience the world in settings different from what we are used to at home. We will get to interact with people from other cultures and see the similarities we share with them. We will get to see and feel the beauty of nature, by being one with her, and appreciate the wonders of the Universe.

Our adventure trips will take us away from the ‘madding crowd’ (but we may still need experienced and knowledgeable local guides to be with us), and discover the places and people on foot and bicycles. Though some aspects of our itinerary may appear to look a bit ‘touristy’, it is our intention to go beyond these norms, and for us to discover nooks and corners, sometimes overlooked by many who may have travelled over the same pathway. 

These adventures may not always be about being ‘up and going’ all the time as we will pause to appreciate the way of life of the people at these places, learn from the spiritual masters, and possibly spend quiet moments in meditation.

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