Our camps are created for the purpose of preparing athletes aspiring to perform well at their chosen sports, be it marathon races, long distance triathlon competitions or open water swimming events. The approach in the training program will be holistic, encompassing the mind, body and soul, as the athletes get themselves ready for the challenges ahead. We will create with the athletes the training program that suits them best, and guide them on the right nutrition for peak performances. We will also help them to have a greater awareness of their strengths (and how to develop them fully) and weaknesses (and how to manage them), psychologically and emotionally.

Besides these ‘training camps’, the retreats will be tailored to the needs of the respective teams or groups for the purpose of bringing the people together for better teamwork, deeper understanding and appreciation for one another, and also for them to build shared visions together for the future. These retreats will be great for organizations seeking to create better working relationships among their executives and employees; for professionals (e.g. coaches) to come together to share ideas and learn from one another; and for people looking to connect with like-minded souls on spirituality and meditation.