What’s in a typical tour package?

The typical tour package includes the guaranteed race entry & event tee (runners only), accommodation (with or without breakfast), hotel & city taxes, transport, and on site hosts to guide you during the marathon weekend.  Most of our tour packages do not include flights and airport transfers, and meals are also not included unless specified in the package.  Some of the tour packages will include items specific to that trip and will be mentioned in the packages.

Can I purchase the race entry only without the other items in the tour packages?

No. We are under contractual agreement with the organizers to sell the race entry as a package, and depending on the event, our tour packages come complete with accommodation, hotel and city taxes, transport to the start area or back to the hotel, event tee, and on site hosts to look after your marathon needs. Meals such as breakfast are optional items that may or may not be included in the packages. We do not offer airfares for most of our tour packages.

I do not need accommodation as I have friends and family who can offer me a place to stay during the marathon weekend, can I just purchase the tour package without the accommodation?

No. Please see the previous question/answer.

What is the minimum & maximum number of nights for the tour packages?

The minimum we offer is a 4 Day 3 Night package (but will vary for some tours). We do not sell packages for fewer nights but you can choose to check out earlier if you wish to do so. The check-in/check-out dates are flexible and you may choose the check-in date suited best according to your travel schedule. However, for runners traveling to Europe or the USA for their races, we would advise that you give yourself at least 3 nights stay prior to the marathon for acclimatization to the weather and time zone. This will mean that for races there, it would be best to take the 5 Day 4 Night packages. We do not have a cap on the maximum of nights but we will have to check on the availability of the room(s) with the hotel/organizers.

What is a twin/double share?

This refers to 2 persons sharing the same room, either with a King bed or 2 Queen/Twin beds (depending on the type of rooms available at the hotel). If the runner chooses to take the twin share package, he/she will share the room with another runner or companion (non-runner). As it is not our practice to put strangers in the same room, the onus is on the runner to find his/her own roommate for the tour. But, if the client makes a special request upon booking of the package to share the room with another runner (same gender), we will find a match for him/her. However, if we are not able to find another runner/companion to share the room with him/her (or likewise he/she is unable to get a roommate), we will revise the package to the single room occupancy.

What is a companion share in the tour package?

The ‘companion share’ refers to a traveling partner (either a non-runner or who is not taking the runner’s package) and sharing the room with another person (either runner or non-runner).

Are there provisions for triple or quad share?

If the hotel has the option of putting in extra beds, we will customize the package accordingly to include 3-4 people in the same room. However, most of the hotels in the cities do not have the capacity to include extra beds, and if we were to make provisions for 3-4 persons to share the same room, it will most likely be in a room with 2 Queen/Twin beds. Unless absolutely necessary, we would advise runners to take the single or twin share occupancy.

If I book my own flight to the destination, will there be airport transfer services?

No. We will only provide airport transfers for runners/companions traveling with the group on the packages that include flights. Those who choose to travel to the destination on their preferred airlines and flight schedules would have to make their own arrangements for airport transfers. However, we will provide information and advice to these runners on where and how to book these services to bring them to the hotel.

If I cancel my registration, is there a refund?

There is no refund if the cancellation is made after the deadline for the full payment; the date is usually 4 months before the actual race. The deposit is non-refundable after the stipulated date in the booking form. Our terms and conditions will indicate the percentage of refund at different stages of the timeline prior to the deadline for the full payment.

If I have to withdraw from the marathon/race/trip due to injury or other urgent matters, will I get a full or partial refund?

The refund policy will apply according to our terms and conditions, based on the time of the cancellation. We have a 3rd party obligation for the full payment of the race packages, transport and accommodation, and thus we will not be able to give full or partial refund if the withdrawal is made after the deadline stated in the letter of offer to the runner. However, we would advise all runners to check with their respective insurance providers whether they can make claims for the cancellation of their trips based on these reasons.

Is travel insurance included in the tour packages?

No. We would advise all runners/companions traveling with us to purchase their own travel insurance according to their own needs. Besides, most travelers have their own insurance, and thus we do not include travel insurance in the packages. Also, it would be best to have a personal accident insurance coverage, as you will be taking part in a sporting activity and it is advisable to have an insurance to cover all medical and hospitalization expenses if you should get injured during the trip. Upon the purchase of the travel insurance, we may request from you to send us the details of the policy - name(s) of insured travellers, policy reference number, name of policy and the name of the insurer. In addition to the coverage of these areas, we would advise you to consider purchasing travel insurance to insure against the insolvency of the travel agency. Regarding this last part, the Singapore Tourism Board has a list of insurance companies that would have this coverage in their policies; you can go to their website and download the file: https://www.stb.gov.sg/industries/travel-agents/Documents/TInsurers.pdf 

Is visa included in the packages?

We will indicate in the packages whether visas are included or required by the host countries for the different nationalities. Unless specified, it is the responsibility of the runner/companion to apply for visa permits (or ESTA for the USA) with the Embassies at their respective home countries.

When is the deadline for registration or purchase of the tour packages?

When the race entries are sold out or the cut-off date set by the organizers of the event, whichever is earlier.

How do I secure a race entry through the tour packages?

The race entry will be reserved and blocked out for you the moment you place your deposit during the booking/registration process. Your race entry is guaranteed and finalized when full payment is made.

Will there be someone to guide us during the tour?

Unless stated otherwise, for most of our marathon tours, there will be 1-2 hosts on site to look after your marathons needs. Prior to the trip, we will give regular updates on the upcoming tours via emails or social media. And whenever possible, we will organize a briefing/gathering for all runners and their companions. (The location is usually in Singapore, and possibly at countries where we will have a large group of runners/companions going with us)

This is my first time doing a race overseas, how do I pack sufficiently for the race there?

Most of the marathon races we organize are either held in spring or autumn (and for most trail races, they will be held in summer), and the weather will vary according to the country where the race is being held. For example, the Tokyo Marathon is held in early March (it is the tail end of winter and spring has yet to begin), and thus the weather tends to be quite chilly with temperatures ranging between 4-8C. We will advise our runners on how to pack for the race and weather during our briefing and regular updates.

If I need advice on my training preparation for the marathon races, will you be able to help?

We will provide training tips on our website to help you along in your journey but these are general advice and might not always provide you with the answers you are looking for. However, if you intend to have a more systematic and regular feedback on your preparation, we would suggest that you hire a sports coach and work closely with him/her on your specific needs. These coaches are available for online coaching or in person or both, depending on what suits you best. Alternatively, you may source for training programs online which are usually free but these programs are not customized for you and you do not have anyone advising you on your progress or giving you feedback.

If you prefer to go the pathway of training on your own without a coach, it might be good to find a running group whom you can train with on a regular basis; some of the runners in these groups are experienced athletes and they can offer good advice for you.