Race Reviews by Joseph Seetoh

They say fortune favours the brave. Brave? Well most of us harbour thoughts of doing races overseas but most of the time we never know what to expect or plan for the trip (before and after).

Races you may add seems pretty straightforward thanks largely to the World Wide Web where we can book and just go.

What about those marquee ones like the 6 Marathon Majors (Boston needs qualifying while popular ones like NYC/Tokyo/Berlin and London are always sold out) or some trail races in some locations where you only watch in awe on YouTube. You will realize most of us do want to go to these awesome events and experience what is like to truly run or participate in a world-class environment where a picture paints a thousand words.

I have to say ever since signing up with Athletes' Journey for Berlin Marathon 2014, the experience has been amazing. Since then I have engaged them for NYC/Tokyo/ Marathon Du Mont Blanc and now the coming London Marathon 2016.

Critics will say I used money buy my slots but what most would never really experience is a piece of mind, fun-filled and most importantly hassle free time. Strictly race related, accommodations, instructions on moving around and how to even train and prepare for the race is an invaluable lesson that will set you at ease. It’s managed by athletes who have done the races, know the requirements, and the convenience that we all yearn.

After which you can extend your own holidays.

I am fortunate and truly blessed to have very understanding bosses who know of my love for travelling and adrenalin of going for such experiences. Helps me to plan my leave and travel with (Sven & David) Athlete's journey)

By far the most enjoyable was NYC and Mont Blanc (have unfinished business). Great atmosphere, awesome event, lots of beautiful sights and most importantly like minded people who came to soak and be in Zen with the race.

NYC - 5 boroughs but never once an empty pocket on the streets. It’s a Mardi Gras electrifying Fiesta. You will never stop running. The crowd is your fuel that keeps you moving...it's A heighten sense of adrenaline as your near the finish in Central Park...(visualise the sound Drifting by Faithless) that's the sound of your sense completion drawing near.

80km Mont Blanc - Breathtaking! Sky running as it commonly termed. (Imagine the scene from the Last of the Mohicans where Daniel Day Lewis runs on the mountains going to Dave Madeline Stowe). Running on the snowy parts a four-point contact on the 2900m peak all have one word that best describes it. Euphoria! Though I had to DNF this halfway I will be back.

So looking forward to London and the fact that they have the Bhutan mountain marathon trail so I can't complain. Definitely will go with Athletes' Journey as they have some of the most exclusive rights to some of the best races that you can imagine.

Last, I heard they might have newer places and more unique races coming up.